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Arielle Kebbel Shares Music Favorites With ARTISTdirect

Arielle Kebbel Shares Music Favorites With ARTISTdirect

Arielle Kebbel found inspiration from many different places for her character Alex Rydell in The Uninvited, including the musical world. She has a diverse palette for sonic treats, and she shared musical experiences, her ideas for a soundtrack, and some of her favorite bands with in this exclusive interview.

If you were to create a soundtrack for the film, what bands would you pick and why?

Good question! It’s funny I am very sensitive to music with all of my characters. I actually spend a lot of time thinking about music ahead of time and what the character would listen to and maybe what Arielle Kebbel would listen to in order to help get me into that character. So for me, Incubus has significant meaning just because that was how I started my day every morning. It was one of the soundtracks that helped transfer me from Arielle to Alex. So now anytime I hear a couple of those songs—which I prefer to keep private—it takes me back to feeling like Alex for a minute [laughs]. Are there any other bands that you really dig?

I love music. I literally, on an average day, will go from listening to country to rock to rap. I’ve got my Florida in me, and I love rap [laughs]. From there, I’ll even go to NPR or classic rock. It really varies from minute to minute. I’m very opinionated. I love working out to hard rock, actually! I like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. I love The Rolling Stones. Thinking of my iPod, I have EVERYTHING. I also did a music video for Buckcherry.

Which music video?

It was called “Don’t Go Away.” It’s their new single. I really liked the song. It’s funny talking about the emotional ties to music. I didn’t have any connection to it other than that I’d listened to the song before we shot the video. Because the director had me go through the range of emotions from happy to reflecting on a relationship to screaming to crying, I became immersed in it. It was funny because by the time I walked away from shooting that day and walked away from the song, I realized I loved it [laughs]. It’s just because you recognize that there’s so much deep-rooted attachment.

Especially when you meet the musicians.

Oh yeah, that always helps [laughs].

What’s next for you?

I have a comedy for Screen Gems called Mardi Gras coming out. Three college guys head down to Mardi Gras for a weekend trip. I’m the fun-loving, sarcastic, quirky girl that the main character thinks he had in his girlfriend and then realizes he didn’t. We have this fun little fling for the weekend. It’s very cute.

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